Alcohol Free Wine – How to and What After

Addiction is the major disadvantage of the presence of alcohol in wine. Although alcohol has many positive impacts on the flavor and quality of wine, but its long term or frequent use leads to addiction. If drinking is unavoidable for you and you don’t want to be an addict, alcohol free wine can be a solution for you. There are a large number of non-alcoholic wines available in the market and on the internet; still if you are unable to find any, you can do it yourself.

Commercial Alcohol Removal: Physics can provide many simple and effective techniques to remove alcohol from the wine. Reverse osmosis is an inexpensive method to separate the light materials of wine from the heavier ones. After removing the water and alcohol from the wine, flavor is the residue. Then the wine is bottled after re-hydration. Alcohol free wines may lack the original flavor of alcoholic wines and even sometimes get bad reviews, but the taste enrichment is possible. People who dislike these wines are actually addicted to the alcoholic taste, that’s why this wine is not becoming as popular as it supposed to be.
Home Alcohol Removal: alcohol-free white wine

Making the wine alcohol free is in fact not a difficult task. You can do it right at your home with the simplest equipment available and there is special expertise required. Just take a pot and pour the wine into it. Put it on the stove and heat gently till its temperature rises to 140 degrees. Maintain the temperature at 140 degrees for about 40-45 minutes. You can use a meat thermometer to keep track of the temperature. You can remove up 95% alcohol from your wine with this method. This will reduce the volume of your actual wine but this shortage in volume and consistency can be overcome by mixing distilled or filtered water into the purified wine. Filtering out all the alcohol is not possible. Due to heating, the wine gets oxidized and loses its flavor and vibrant color to some extent. The potency of acids is also affected. You will have a flat tasting wine at the end.

Other Options:

Use of Bacteria is another simple and easy method to remove alcohol from the wine that has been used for many years by the people. Although, this method works but not so well, because, it involves the risk of decomposition of certain components of the wine. Bacteria perform certain chemical reactions on the constituents of the wines that not only remove the alcohol, but also change the consistency of the acids in the alcohol. For that reason, this is the least recommended method to prepare alcohol free wine.

After reading this article, you will be able now to remove alcohol from wine. This is a fact that whatever method used to prepare the non-alcoholic wine, it affects flavor and ph of the wine. Not only this, but there are some other unpleasant effects of removing alcohol from the wine. Since alcohol acts as a preservative, and after removing it from the wine, you would definitely need to add some other preservative into your wine. Moreover, moderate use of alcohol is far better than preservatives.



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