Competition Among Voice Actors

Should political candidates stop campaigning because someone else with similar hopes and objectives is running for office? Would it make sense for a production company to cease creating films because there are other companies that are also making films?

Rivalries have existed throughout history and are still part of our lives today. Working in the same space as someone else may be challenging but it doesn’t mean that you won’t succeed… you just have to be more agile, unique and clearly positioned. Mark Hauser

Is There Room Enough?

When you’re in business you’ll always have competitors of some kind and share the space with other people who are providing the same service to prospective customers in need of what you offer. There is room enough for all of us to use our gifts and achieve success relative to the effort put into achieving our goals. While competition can be an issue, let it be noted that competition can also be a healthy thing.

Competition Can Help To:

– Validate your business
– Raise your game
– Challenge yourself
– Competition Can Inspire You To:
– Solidify your brand
– Differentiate your offerings
– Become more targeted in your efforts

Perceiving Competition

Competition, be it friendly or otherwise, affects everyone but the good news is is that you can shape the way you personally are affected by competition. You could either feel threatened or you could thrive and carve out your own niche.

You could resent your competitors or you could celebrate your differences and marvel at the fact that each of you are valued and recognized for what you do best. Be careful not to place too much emphasis on competing with other voice actors. Oftentimes you’re competing against the clock, clunky or overly chunky copy writing, challenging character roles and the pursuit of that perfect take.



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