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4 Common Pregnancy Complications 

Despite what many people think, pregnancy is not completely free of complications. Some pregnancy problems are a result of pre-existing conditions, while others are caused by pregnancy itself. The good news is that it can be treated if you experience a complication. However, to prevent problems, you need to be able to recognize them in the first place.


One of the most common pregnancy symptoms is nausea, which is normal during the first trimester. If you have nausea lasting more than a day, you should see your gynecologist near me. This is because nausea is a symptom of hyperemesis gravidarum, a condition that causes intense vomiting and dehydration during the second and third trimesters.

Vaginal bleeding:

Vaginal bleeding is another pregnancy complication that can be dangerous. Several things, including ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, and placental problems, cause heavy bleeding. You should immediately contact your doctor if you experience this type of bleeding. A low platelet count can cause nosebleeds and severe bleeding, which can require you to seek medical attention.


One of the most common pregnancy complications is preeclampsia, which causes very high blood pressure. Although preeclampsia isn’t life-threatening, it can risk you and your baby’s health. Your physician can diagnose you with this condition by performing a physical exam and checking your liver and kidney functions. You can also have an ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis.

High blood pressure:

If you have a history of high blood pressure or have been diagnosed with a condition that increases your risk of developing preeclampsia, your doctor will likely want to do additional testing. During this examination, your healthcare provider will check your heart rate, blood pressure, and kidney and liver function. If you are found to have high blood pressure or other complication, your physician will likely prescribe medication to lower your blood pressure.

The most important thing to remember is that you can prevent many of the more common pregnancy complications. You can do this by seeing your healthcare provider regularly, avoiding certain foods, and staying on top of your health. It would help if you also consider taking folic acid, which can reduce your risk of neural tube defects.

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