Short Video Sales Page Vs Long Video Sales Page

Does a short video sales page convert better than a long video sales page?

This is one frequently asked question and quite an important one at that since choosing the optimal length of your video sales page can play a vital role in your conversion rates. The answer to this question lies in the nature of the product that you are trying to sell – when you are building up a newsletter and all you need from your visitor is to give you their email address, then a short version with just a little text and the video as its focal point is perfect. On the other hand, if you are selling a highly priced product like a software platform with a lot of features and options, then you might want to opt in for a video sales page that not only carries your video, but also lists your product’s best features and benefits.

For almost all kinds of products and services, I personally favor short sales pages, but they are not the ones that necessarily convert better. If you decide to have a video and a few thousand words of text, you might want to “split” such a long sales page in two. You can do that by keeping the main points and benefits of using your product or service written at the top, and listing all the details in the second half of the page, where the inquisitive visitors can learn more. buy TikTok followers UK

Why is using a “split” video sales page the better approach?

When you are selling a product or service that comes with a high price tag, it is very unlikely that you are going to convince your visitors to make an impulse purchase. The visitors that come to your landing page would either be people that have learned about your product and have done their homework by reading a number of reviews, checking out all the pros and cons, and are coming back to finally pay for it. This category would not want to go through all the information that they are already familiar with, in order to find the “pay now” button and they should simply load your page and see your powerful video and a large payment link. On the other hand, you are likely to be sending direct traffic to your sale page from your blogs, websites, or PPC advertising, and the first-time visitors might actually want to get familiar with all the great features of your product or service and read the second half of your long video sales page.

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