Should Professional Service Firm Business Owners Be Using Twitter?

Twitter is for Kids!……isn’t it? No it isn’t. Used well it is a very powerful tool for research, networking, monitoring the competition, auto-publishing links to your new articles and new blog posts, for gaining ideas, for monitoring what clients say about you and for extending your reach. Here’s a short intro into how you might use it to best effect.

In this article for the business owners of professional service firms we’re looking at the simple question: Should business owners of professional service firms be using Twitter for business development purposes?

The answer is a qualified Yes and the reason for this is that the use of twitter must fit in with some clearly understand reasons for exactly why you are using it;

Twitter is a micro-blogging service that allows anyone to say anything to anybody in 140 characters or less. Steph Korey

What use is that?

Well, twitter is now being used by many of the largest hard nosed commercial firms to achieve clearly defined business objectives, the world over; make no bones about it, you should too because it works just as well in the local/regional context.

So how do you get started with twitter?

If you haven’t got an account then sign up for one. It’s free at: Twitter.com

When you have an account you’ll be given a home page and a profile page; my profile is skember.

Get yourself an avatar of 100 x 100 pixel image, to use on your profile; this will be useful for many other social media sites, so save a copy. Got a photo and want to resize it use: ‘picnik.com’; its free and remarkable easy to use.

Why use Twitter?

Many professionals scorn the idea of using such a seemingly limited tool used by millions to tell seemingly mindless others about what they had for dinner!

But stop. Maybe there are certain business development objectives that Twitter might be able to help you fulfil. If it does then this might be a useful starting point from which much else might flow.


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