Skateboard Types – Which One To Go With?

Skateboarding is an extremely tough sport. It takes very much dedication and repetitive practice to become a good skateboarder. Along with the much needed practice, the type of skateboard you decide to build for yourself plays a huge role since there are so many different ways to build one. There are tons of different ways to mix and match the different parts of a skateboard. For example, some of the main parts are decks, wheels, trucks and bearings. Skateboarding can also be a very dangerous sport so it is important to take precaution. These topics will be discussed further.

Selecting a deck is much more than just choosing the design on the bottom. There are different components to consider when looking for a deck. The first to consider is the size of the deck. Deck sizes can range from 29″ or smaller to 32.4″ and up. The way to choose your deck size is based on your height. The shorter you are the smaller your deck will be in length. Decks also come in different width sizes. This size all depends on how big your feet are. The wider your feet are the wider your deck will be.

Now you may think that a wheel is a wheel right, well not in skateboarding. Wheels can make all the difference on how it feels when you’re riding your skateboard. Wheels come in different sizes. The bigger the wheels you have the faster you will roll. If you’re a skateboarder who tends to go on ramps more than street, then larger wheels will be better for you, but if you are a more stationary skateboarder then smaller wheels are more efficient. Harder wheels will provide more stability while softer wheels will grip the ground better. Wheels highly depend on what type of skateboarding you plan on doing.

Bearings are important because if you have bad bearings it will be harder to ride your skateboard and it won’t be nearly as smooth. A way to test if you have good bearings is to spin the wheel of your skateboard and see how long it goes until it stops. The longer it spins the better your bearings are. Bearings are rated on a scale from 1 to 9. The higher the number means the bearing is more precise but weaker. Most skateboarders choose a 3 or a 5 since they are strong and last long. electric skateboard with remote control

Trucks are the part that connects the wheels to the deck. The width of the trucks should match the width of the deck you choose. Your trucks should be at least within 1/4″ of the size of your deck. When choosing the height of your trucks you need to once again consider what type of skateboarding you will be doing. Lower trucks are for more stationary skateboarding while higher trucks are for moving fast. A part within the truck is called a bushing. The stiffer the bushing is the harder it will be to turn, but more stable. If you’re a skateboarder who likes to make fast turns then you will need a softer bushing.

Whenever you are going to skateboard it is always important to purchase a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads. Skateboarding is dangerous and wearing safety equipment should always be your first priority.


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